Give It Your All

Running, trying to make a 100 and 99 and a half just won’t do. 

 Hey stay focused, diligent and strong through your life’s journey.  You will experience some hard times and some good times but keep moving forward.  

I want to encourage you to find the good in the tough times and allow God to soothe you when you are hurting.  We all will have those days no one is exempt.  

However, “greater is He that is in you then he that is in the world.”


More Then Just Ice Cream

The Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream factory.

This picture was taken in Vermont. We loved this trip.  We went to Vermont loving Cold Stone Creamery (still do) but Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is delicious.

However, we became fans for more the just their Ice Cream. We saw that their purpose was greater then 66 flavors. I love what Ben and Jerry’s stands for! 

 We were honestly awaken by the work they do on the outside of the Ice Cream factory. You know! It didn’t matter what political party they stood for…they want to leave this world better then how they found it.

Fun fact: Did you know that the titles of their Ice cream are rooted in political and social issues?


I love when people try to make a change for the good of others.

What will Your Legacy Be?

What legacy will we leave behind?  This is something that I think about a lot.  As a father of three I often find myself in deep thought on what will be my narrative. How will I be remembered to the ones that matter the most? 

We often try to leave a legacy for people that matter the least. We seek to save the world and totally miss the value of building up our homes and the ones that are closes to us.

Don’t get me wrong everyone is important but not everyone is your priority.

Our kindness should extend to our families first before the stranger can benefit from our patience and smiles. 

Our spouses should get the best of us not the rest of us, after we have given our all to those that matter the least. 

 What I am trying to say is people that matter the most (Your family, significant others, friends) shouldn’t take a backseat to strangers.

We must mine the relationship that are the closes to home.  Build a legacy with those that will benefit more from our love and life.

 God help us to leave a lasting legacy to those the matter most and if there is time to those that are outside as well.

Jellyfish Lit

At the Aquarium in the Jellyfish room.

I didn’t know if I should be playing some slow jams or wearing some glow in the dark jewelry

but it was really Turnt Up in the Jellyfish room.

 One of my favorite rooms on the tour.


Entering into the Aquarium in North Carolina.

I was mystified by the beautiful ambience in the Aquarium.  From the big screen that captures your image upon entering or the sight of all the assorted fish…, “this place was great.”

Suffer yourself to enjoy the little things in life!

Abundant Thinkers

A replica plane that the Wright Brothers Flew.

We journeyed to Kitty Hawk N.C to vacation.  While on vacation we embarked on a life changing mission to see where the Wright Brothers changed history forever.

This is a marker of the first successful flight..

The Bible says, “don’t despise small beginnings.”

 This is where I had to improve my thinking.

 I use to equate success with fulfillment.  However, this concept of thought is flawed and dangerous.  True success is built from many wins and losses.  When we fail if we are wise we will look to see what could we’ve learned from our setbacks? And how much success did I achieve in my attempt to succeed?

Yard Marker two the flight was only 5 seconds.

Yard Marker three the flight was 10 seconds longer then the first.

Yard Marker four the final test was 59 seconds.

I believe it is not until we appreciate our failures as well as our successes that we can start experiencing true and lasting progress in our endeavors.  The Wright Brother’s figured this concept out.

 They realized that as long they were progressing forward toward their goal they were truly having lasting success.